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  • In most cases our garden rooms are designed to fit within permitted development. It is unlikely you will need planning permission, however please see our link to The Planning Portal, if planning permission is required, we can supply scaled drawings for the application.

  • Our garden rooms use high-quality and durable components, each with its own guarantee. We offer a 10-year workmanship and labour guarantee for each building.

    10 Years 

    Composite post base

    External walls

    Internal walls

    Windows & doors against rotting, warping, fading and flaking

    EPDM rubber roof

    Roof structure


    4 Years 

    Sealed units (from condensation)

    Base cladding


    1 Year 

    Window and door handles

    Soffits & Facia boards



  • The answer is yes! In fact we receive this question frequently. While there are building control regulations to follow, don't worry – we can take care of it for you. Water and waste connections for toilets, sinks, showers and kitchen facilities are becoming more common, so you can enjoy the convenience of a fully functional garden room without any hassle.

  • Our timber cladding is extremely hard-wearing. Redwood requires to be treated once a year. Cedar cladding is naturally resistant but will change colour over time unless treated. Marley Board is a composite material that requires no treatment. 

    Metalwork should be cleaned and lubricated every six months using silicone spray or WD40. Timber bases are supported by tantalised timber for durability.

  • Everything you need! We offer a complete range of services to make your garden room project as stress-free as possible. From design to consultation, site visits to delivery base to foundations, and installation with a comprehensive electrical package, we've got you covered. To add that extra touch of personalisation, we offer an array of extras to choose from. You can choose your preferred colour of flooring, and we'll even have it painted by a professional decorator. With our full "turnkey" service, you can relax and leave everything to us.

  • Yes we use industry leading thermal insulation in the floor, walls and roof of your garden room.

  • You can. We offer a range of heating solutions. Please consider that our buildings are so well insulated that they also need cooling in the summer, so we recommend an air-conditioning system that can heat and cool.

  • All our buildings are built to an external height of 2.5m to comply with permitted development. We also offer the option of taller buildings however these will need planning permission.

  • Although size does dictate the length of the build, on average our garden rooms are fully installed within 5 working days. 

  • Yes. We have a foundation system included within our price using recycled composite posts, making our base strong, durable and fully sustainable. Some uses will require a concrete pad, e.g. gyms & workshops which will be an additional cost.

  • Yes. We can install partition walls in our larger sized garden rooms to divide the building or create smaller rooms within the building.



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